You can download:-

  1. Jahnabi Multilingual Keyboard(Community Edition) for Windows
  2. JahnabiPad (Rich Text Editor with Unicode Spell-Checker, auto-suggestion and text-sanitizer for Assamese and English)
  3. Jahnabi Keyboard for Android(Assamses, Tai Ahom etc)
  4. Jahnabi Assamese Keyboard for Mac
  5. Skylark
  6. Jahnabi for Windows Mobile

Guidelines for Mac version Jahnabi Keyboard:

1) Please unzip the file and then copy both the files to Library> Keyboard Layouts folder
2) Then, System Preference> Keyboard> Input Source. Check Show Input Menu in Menu Bar and Click on + icon to select Assamese from Left and Jahnabi from right. Then Please logout and login again
3) Control+Space is the toggle key to switch between Assamese and English
4) You can Click on Show Keyboard Viewer to see the key mappings

Download Link:

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