The History Behind Project JAHNABI


roject Jahnabi is an effort to strengthen Assamese and TaiAhom language in the digital world through NLP, linguistic research & technology.

It all started back in 2013 when the creator of the project Utpal Phukan, a computer programmer by profession happen to meet Mr Banajit Pathak, a doctor by profession. Mr Pathak introduced Phukan to the Unicode movement carried out by Assamese volunteers. Since then Utpal Phukan has been a pioneer of Assamese language computing and the Unicode movement for Assamese as well as Tai Ahom language.

So far Utpal Phukan has developed NINE language software out of which only three are commercial ones. The rest SIX are freeware.

utpal phukan receiving Maya Media Award 2018

Volunteers associated with the sole community project in 2013

  • Diganta Saikia
  • Banajit Pathak
  • Gitartha Bordoloi
  • Mridul Kr. Sarma
  • Pankajjyoti Mahanta
  • Dipankar Chetia
  • Anjal Borah
  • Dwijen Mahanta
  • Jaydeep Chakrabarty
  • Soumarjyoti Barua
  • Anjana Tamuli
  • Dwijendra Nath Sarma
  • Ayan Uttam
  • Uddip Talukdar
  • Deepa Deka
  • Sarada Shrestha
  • Manjil Konwar
  • Anupam Kalita
  • Mayuri Dutta

Rich Text Editor with Unicode Spell-Checker, auto-suggestion and text-sanitizer for Assamese and English


ich Text Editor with Unicode Spell-Checker, auto-suggestion and text-sanitizer for Assamese and English

The project started back in 2013 by Mr Utpal Phukan with the help of a Team of 25 people from various sectors. They include Doctors, Students, Bank professionals, Housewives etc. The project was completed in 3 months time and it contains a database of 2.5 lakh Assamese words, along with Fokora jujanas, Jotua Thas etc. It was basically an MS Word-like tool which has Spell-Checking abilities and word suggestion features. The tool was a grand success and was featured in all major national newspapers of India. Till now it has been downloaded more than 2 lakh times

Jahnabi Multilingual Input Tool 2.0.5


nicode/Ascii keyboard for any language, suitable for hobby typist and Professional DTP works.

You can write using Geetanjali font in Pagemaker, Photoshop with this free keyboard( works in Windows XP sp2 – Windows 8.1)

A professional version is also available with support for 500+ fonts.

There are several keyboard layouts supplied with Jahnabi both Phonetic and Inscript ones suitable for users of other keyboards. The DIHING layout is for typing in Geetanjali font. You can create your own keyboard layouts also( Please read the help file).

Please go to my Google Drive to download setup files. Separate Files for Windows 10 and pre-Windows 10 users.

Jahnabi Assamese Keyboard for MacOS


nicode keyboard for Assamese language, for MacOS

Jahnabi for Android( Tai Ahom Keyboard)


irst ever Android keypad for Tai Ahom language. It has auto-suggestion support also

  • অসমীয়া, ইংৰাজীৰ লগত প্ৰথমখন টাই-আহোম ভাষাৰ এণ্ড্ৰ’ইড কী-বৰ্ড( Assamese, English and first Tai-Ahom (UNICODE/NON-UNICODE) keyboard)
  • তিনিওটা ভাষাতে শব্দৰ উন্নত পূৰ্বানুমান ব্যৱস্থা( next word prediction technology)( next word prediction in all three languages)
  • সততে ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি থকা বাক্য/বাক্যাংশৰ ছৰ্টকাট ব্যৱস্থা ( যেনে: asap(as soon as possible),আদিশুহ(আপোনাৰ দিনটো শুভ হওক) আদি)( shortcuts for commonly used sentences/phrases)
  • ৫ টা বিনামূলীয়া কী-বৰ্ড থিম( 5 free keyboard themes)
  • ইউজাৰ ডিক্সনেৰিৰ ব্যৱস্থা( মূল ডিক্সনেৰিত নথকা শব্দ ভৰাব বা মোহাৰিব পৰা ব্যৱস্থা)( User dictionary support, can add/delete words)
  • ৫ টা বিনামূলীয়া কী-বৰ্ড থিম( 5 free keyboard themes)
  • দুখনকৈ অসমীয়া কী-লেআউট( 2 Assamese layouts)
  • এণ্ড্ৰ’ইড ৫(ললিপ’প) ৰ ওপৰৰ সংস্কৰণৰ বাবে ইনষ্টল কৰাৰ পাছত জাহ্নৱীৰ আইকনত টেপ কৰি জাহ্নৱীৰ ছেটিংছ খুলি লৈ প্ৰয়োজনীয় পাৰ্মিছন চয়ন কৰি ল’ব। ( Users with the Android version above 5(lollipop) need to open Jahnabi settings first and accept the required permissions. )



nstant messaging app for Android which supports Tai Ahom language

Telegram client for Android with Tai-Ahom support

Jahnabi for Windows Mobile


irst ever Assamese keyboard for Windows mobile phones

You can download from Windows store