Rupantarak- Unicode to Geetanjali Converter(Assamese/Bangla)

Unicode to Geetanjali

Convert Assamese/Bangla Unicode text written in computers or mobile phones to Geetanjali font without using any professional keyboard. The converted text is ready for publishing

Geetanjali to Unicode

Convert from your existing Geetanjali text to Unicode which is ready to be published to social media, email etc. Supports both Assamese and Bangla


The tool is 100% accurate in conversion. The conversion is blazing fast. Under test condition it converted a 2000 page document of Assamese Unicode text to Geetanjali font in 42 sec

Jahnabi Pro Keyboard

Jahnabi DRISTI- Assamese OCR

Jahnabi Pro Keyboard

More than 500 beautiful ASCII Assamese/Bangla fonts

Suitable for Graphic Designing and DTP works

5 keyboard layouts Regular Updates

Jahnabi DRISTI- Assamese OCR

Professional Assamese OCR(Bangla, Hindi, English etc)

Thousands of pages at a time- suitable for book reprint

Multi-column, Unattended conversion

All Your DTP and Design Solutions……

Project JAHNABI offers professional keyboards for Assamese, Bangla, Hindi, Tai Ahom etc with beautiful calligraphic fonts, converter for Unicode and Geetanjali font (both Assamese and Bangla support), OCR supporting Assamese, Bangla, Hindi etc.

Professional graphic designers have been  using Jahnabi Pro Keyboard for designing works. Like that more than hundred  DTP professionals have been using DRISTI OCR for book reprinting purposes. The  Unicode to Geetanjali converter is sold over thousand copies till now.


Licensing is per machine basis. It will work on the PC/Laptops where it is licensed to run. The license can’t be transferred to a different machine.

Professional support is optional add-on(Not included in the base price). You need to pay additional amount in order to avail professional support. If there are any issue because of the hardware issue with the PC/Laptop then professional support will cover that.

The software will be supported till the End Of Life of the software. However, the software will continue to run as long as the PC/Laptop runs without any hardware changes. End of life of the software is the sole discretion of the developer.

What Our Clients Say

I have been using Rupantarak in my publication house for all the books which were initially typed in Unicode

Pritima Kausik Baruah, SANJIWAN PRAKASHAN

I have been using Jahnabi Pro Keyboard for all my designing works. The fonts are awesome

Pawan Phukan, Ghilamara Printing House

উৎপল ফুকনৰ ৰূপান্তৰক সঁজুলিটো অসমীয়া ভাষাৰ ডিজিটেলাইজেছনৰ ক্ষেত্ৰত এটা প্ৰয়োজনীয় পদক্ষেপ।

Hiranya Hazarika, AROHAN PRINTERS